Organs Theatre Organs

Allen T321QSP

New in 2014, this model has sample sets for Wurlitzer, Barton and Robert-Morton theatre organs plus one classical set. Standard seven channel audio. Call Mr. Wayne Seppala for more information at 858-279-9000 ext 1


Kawai XR-9000

We continue to support these three manual digital home organs because of their ongoing popularity among our local customers. The XR series offers Hammond-like flexibility with its flute drawbars along with full orchestra sounds and automatic accompaniments. Digital Leslie effects are amazingly realistic, silent, reliable and can be connected to a large PA system via simple Line Level hookup. Get a 3 manual console with detachable pedalboard for a fraction of new cost. Inquire for more information.

Snow White

Allen ADC 5000 DK

This large two-manual specification from 1986 is ready to start a new life possibly in YOUR church or home. Comes with six premium HC-18U speakers. Includes antiphonal relays for full or partial Antiphonal division if desired. MIDI added to all three divisions. Excellent opportunity to have a big organ on a startup budget of around $6,000. Photos and specs available.

Allen ADC 5000DK

Allen Protege C2a

Smallest classical model available from Allen with Renaissance technology. 22 pipe stops plus Chimes provide all the basics in a console that is only 51 inches long due to its compact 32-note pedalboard. Perfect for places where space is limited. Note-by-note computer voicing and Virtual Acoustics are standard!

Special Feature: This model has Allen’s Premium wood-based keyboards!

Available Now for only $6,495

Allen Renaissance CEN-1 system

Church/Classical Organs Organs

Allen Custom Classic II

This very special custom Allen can be yours today. Two FULL cages and Fourteen audio channels create a rich ensemble that is still impressive even by today’s standards.

It’s like a Mercedes S-class of the late 1980’s. Timeless. $11,500

ADC 2-Cage Custom