This is an amazing 35 stop, classically voiced ensemble in the style of Lawrence Phelps from 1987.  The system includes two full ADC cages offering typically one tone generator board per stop, delivered through a 14 channel (1,400 watts) audio system. The fully equipped console has tracker touch, reverse color keys, custom walnut pedal sharps, reed switch contacts (optional in ’87), four memories, moving drawknobs, MIDI, and a comfortably located, lighted music stand that folds inside when closed. It has been lovingly cared for in a private home for the last fifteen years and was just replaced with a new GeniSys 350!  We are hoping to find a church with live acoustics and a preference for Bach and his contemporaries.

Photos and specifications available on request. Please don’t ask “what’s the price” because the answer is “It depends” on many factors.  What is it worth to you? Do you want an ultra classic/baroque spec? Consider, in addition to the console there are 1,200 lbs of speakers and a heavy amplifier cabinet to ship. Or 2,500 lbs if you want to double the speakers for a large space. The final price depends on where it goes and what it will cost to install and voice it.