Allen TO-5Q

Allen TO-5Q

Allen TO-5Q

Kawai KX-1000 digital spinet

Kawai KX-1000Top of the line first generation digital spinet from Kawai, one of the most reliable home organs ever made. Has roll top, familiar tibia drawbars, program sequencer, etc. Actually a lot of organ for $1,495

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Allen ADC-4000B

Allen ADC-4000B in OAK.  In 35 years we have never seen such a CLEAN used organ, both outside and inside.  Truly remarkable for an organ made in 1983.  Owner traded up to 3 manuals.  Dual Memory moving capture action, Alterable Voice Card Reader. Updates include ADR-4 digital reverb and gospel tremulants. Includes Antiphonal relays.  Speaker options will determine final price.  Minimum of four HC-12U required. Can handle 12 new HR-200s if needed!  In this configuration, it would easily fill a 1,000 seat church.  Could exchange Antiphonal relays for MIDI.  If you want a big sound on a low budget, this is for you!  Would also make nice home installation where furniture quality and appearance is most important.


Allen 4000B




Allen Q311SP

Presenting another opportunity for someone to own an almost new 3 manual Allen Quantum theatre organ!   This 311 has been sold. Thank You!

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Allen Q311SP

Allen Q311SP

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GEM Topaz digital spinet organ

GEM TopazThis General Electro Music digital spinet organ was made in 2000 according to original owner. Includes matching bench and Owners Manual. Has MIDI and user programmable presets. Great “modern” starter organ for low price of $995. This organ has been sold. Thank you.

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Lowrey A/5000 Prestige

One owner Lowrey A/5000 Prestige in beautiful cherry finish. Take advantage of this great opportunity to save $$ on a Prestige by calling Wayne Seppala at 858-279-9000 now.



Lowrey Royale

This Royale is in excellent condition.  Beautifully kept cherry finish. Top of the line for its time. $6,995


Allen 301


Allen Digital Computer Organ System 301…three channels (including bass boost.) Originally for Baptist church, has Flute Vibrato and alterable voice card reader.  Very good condition. $2,995 with three utility cabinets. Other speakers available. This organ has been sold. Thank you!

Lowrey SE-10 Regency

Here is one great sounding little spinet that is very easy to play and comes with a real wood veneer finish.  You will enjoy this little digital home organ, made in Chicago, USA for only $2,995



Kawai XR9000


XR9000..This three keyboard instrument is beautiful to play and listen to, and with its snow-white polished finish, it will also be the center piece in any music or living room.

Tibia Drawbars, adjustable presets, General MIDI, disk drive, great orchestrated accompaniments, padded bench with music storage, digital Leslie speaker. Most important: These organs are still fully supported by Organ Stop.

Call Mr. Wayne Seppala for pricing on these classic digital home organs!

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