Allen ADC 4600 Theatre

Well maintained home theatre organ with Classical Second Voicing, and the Piano/tuned percussions option.  Quad-memory moving capture action. Self-contained 4 channel, 400 watt audio with external speaker relays.  Excellent condition. $4,995 as pictured.  Several speaker options available.

Allen 301B

Late 301B (dual memory capture system), newer music stand.  Analog celeste just tuned by technician.  Has bass boost channel.  Several speaker options available which will determine final price.  $ Reasonable


Allen ADC-530A

Amazing little organ in that although the equivalent of just 18 ranks, its 200 watt ADC amplifier gives it a big sound.  Just serviced…stoptab contacts polished, new memory battery pack.  Brand new acrylic music stand.  This is the A model…very last of the ADC…very first with still current Hermetically Sealed Magnetic Key Contacts.    Includes optional Headphone jack (no speakers needed if space is an issue) and optional toe pistons for Generals and Cancel.

Available with finished or utility cabinets as needed. Final price to be determined by installation and audio requirement.


Kurzweil MP 20F

Current Model Kurzweil digital piano. Recently traded in for a Lowrey organ.  Should be a bargain at only $1,495. Specs and feature list available at the Kurzweil web site. Clean ebony-polish finish.

kurzweil MP20F

Kawai CP-170

The Concert Performer series digital pianos by Kawai are among the finest available. Even this model from 1998 stands up well to the new ones. It features solid wood ‘grand action’, many levels of playing assist and auto-accompaniments so everyone in the family can enjoy making music on this lovely cherry finished instrument.  Nothing better for $1,995.


Lowrey Imperial

Two available. Choose Cherry or OAK. Great opportunity to own one of the last Lowrey organs with a true console (detachable) pedalboard.  Loaded with every imaginable feature including full audio system in the bench, lighted storage drawers, tufted leather seat and backrest, USB/CD, etc.


Lowrey A/6000 Imperial

Kawai XR9000

XR9000..These three manual digital instruments are wonderful to play and listen to, and with a choice of snow-white or walnut polished finish, it will also be the center piece in any music or living room. (matte rosewood model also in stock!)

Tibia Drawbars, adjustable presets, General MIDI, disk drive, great orchestrated accompaniments, padded bench with music storage, digital Leslie speaker. Most important: These organs are still fully supported by Organ Stop and are currently available in the three colors as shown below.

Call Mr. Wayne Seppala for pricing on these great sounding full console home organs!

Kawai-XR-9000 white







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Lowrey Prestige


Get a super bargain price on this Lowrey A/5000Lowrey A5000.  Email us for full details.

Roland AT-60SL

Like New condition.  Two below the American Classic console.  Only $4,995

Roland AT-60SL



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Kawai KL-4

Top of the line from KL series, late 1990s.  49 note keyboards, Split lower keyboard, classical Pipe ensemble on lower. Could be effective ‘church organ’ in a setting where space is at a premium.  Line Out to connect to sound system, etc. All digital.  Only $1,495

KL 4 File Photo