LOWREY pre-owned inventory

Thanks to a successful presentation of the new Lowrey EX-5000 “Marquee” here in San Diego, we now have a variety of one-owner flagship models taken in trade.  Now is the time to get the deal you’ve been looking for on a nearly new Prestige, Imperial, Patriot or Liberty.  Contact Wayne Seppala for details at 858-279-9000 or send email to organstopsales@aol.com   Individual photos available.  Priced FROM $6,000

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Lowrey Majesty Oak

It may not be the latest creation from Lowrey but this LX-500 Majesty is clearly related to the contemporary Lowreys both in cabinet style and playing features. If you have always desired to own one of the big Lowrey virtual orchestras but are concerned about price, here is your big chance to test the waters.  Due to recent sales success at our California Home Organ Festival where we introduced the new Marquee, we must sell this instrument to make room for the trades coming soon.  The price has been lowered to $2,995.  Trades are welcome
Lowrey Majesty Oak

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Lowrey Conductor SE/5




Lowrey’s smallest model from late 2000s, the Conductor has a surprisingly good tone and with 37 note keyboards, is perfect for the smallest rooms. Headphone jack is standard.  One of the last USA built Lowreys, you can get started in the Lowrey hobby for only $1,495.




Lowrey Regency SE-10

Wonderful entry level modern Lowrey spinet. Has built in songs, presets and real walnut finish. Local delivery in time for Christmas. Only $2,995

Lowrey Regency

Rodgers Trio 321B

Very nice looking late 321B originally sold by Southland Music Center here in San Diego. One owner.   32 pedals slightly flatter than AGO. Will make an attractive addition to anyone’s furniture layout while providing a minimally-invasive THREE manual practice console at a very low price of $1,695

Rodgers 321B Trio

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4 Manual Allen for $39,950 !!

Hard to believe, but true.  We have a beautiful, one owner Allen MDS-80S, our first pre-owned four manual digital organ ever offered!  The console has white drawknobs, walnut sharps, a Trompette Harmonique with its own audio channel (place it wherever you wish).  All amplifiers are inside the console so you only need room for its 14 speaker cabinets and the console.

Suitable for most any situation where a 42″x 75″ console can be placed.

Excellent upgrade at very modest cost for any church with an original Digital Computer Organ. Enjoy a concert-sized organ with MIDI and properly separated divisions plus a 52.5 kHz sample rate for the price of a new 2 manual organ!

Delivery, installation, extra audio; negotiable.


Kawai XR-9000 crated for shipping…

XR-9000 in Crate

Lowrey Sterling

Lowrey Sterling


Rare opportunity to purchase a used STERLING, successor to the Imperial.  Our longtime customer has moved to a smaller place here in San Diego area and this organ must be sold very soon. All offers will be considered.

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Kawai XR9000


Kawai XR 9000

XR9000..These three manual digital instruments are wonderful to play and listen to, and with a snow-white polished finish, it will also be the center piece in any music or living room. (white and walnut models in stock!)

Tibia Drawbars, adjustable presets, General MIDI, disk drive, great orchestrated accompaniments, padded bench with music storage, digital Leslie speaker. Most important: These organs are still fully supported by Organ Stop.

Call Mr. Wayne Seppala for pricing on these great sounding full console home organs!

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Roland AT-60SL

Roland AT-60SLLike New condition.  Two below the American Classic console.  Only $4,995


Roland AT-60SL

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