Lowrey SE-10 Regency



Lowrey Regency

Kawai SR-7

LOWEST PRICED all digital 3 manual console home organ at only $1,995.

Ivory and walnut polish finish, settable presets, tibia drawbars, program sequencer. internal rotating speaker.  Recent owner just traded up for a white XR-9000, so this one is back!

Ooops…Sold again! (Check out our XR-9000s….a little more money but more technology and features too!)


Lowrey Sterling

Lowrey Sterling


Rare opportunity to purchase a used STERLING.  This model is the first flagship Lowrey to be produced in Indonesia and is the successor to the Imperial.  Our longtime customer has moved to a smaller place here in San Diego area and asked us to advertise it for her.  First $20,000 takes it!

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Lowrey Royale

This Royale is in excellent condition.  Beautifully kept cherry finish. Top of the line for its time. $6,995


Allen Renaissance R-211

Another opportunity here to own the  baby brother to the popular R-311 theatre organ. For those of you with limited space, the R-211 gives you the same sound, same moving capture, horseshoe console authentic playing experience in a gorgeous walnut compact theatre console… Renaissance voicing for $12,500.


Lowrey Majesty Oak

Lowrey Majesty Oak

Enjoy many great Lowrey features and a beautiful oak cabinet. MAKE OFFER

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Kawai XR9000


Kawai XR 9000

XR9000..These three manual digital instruments are wonderful to play and listen to, and with a snow-white polished finish, it will also be the center piece in any music or living room. (white and walnut models in stock!)

Tibia Drawbars, adjustable presets, General MIDI, disk drive, great orchestrated accompaniments, padded bench with music storage, digital Leslie speaker. Most important: These organs are still fully supported by Organ Stop.

Call Mr. Wayne Seppala for pricing on these great sounding full console home organs!

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Allen Theatre TO-5Q

The only preowned TO-5 ever for sale that we know of!

Voiced by Walt Strony…includes Ensemble Division and Smart Recorder…Audio Reflections Package…Custom adjustable solid music rack…

Pictured below is the actual instrument.  Call for details and measurements.


Allen TO-5Q

Allen TO-5Q Theatre Organ


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Allen MDS Th III Plus Deluxe

Allen MDS Th3 PlusDeluxe

aka Hazleton Special

This was the largest Allen theatre model in production in the early 90s. Has 8 channels, a full cage, double stop rails, Console Controller, Arte Rhythm, Smart MIDI. We sold it new. Now its second owner has moved to smaller quarters and can no longer keep this marvelous big organ. Located in Austin, Texas.  Priced at $17,500. Contact Organ Stop for further information.

Lowrey Grand Royale

This is a one owner organ in a beautifully kept home in a nice area of San Diego county. It was the husband’s pride and joy. He is deceased and the widow doesn’t want to take up the hobby.  Tell us what a Grand Royale is worth to y0u and we will pass along your offer.

Rare console

Rare console

detachable pedals!

detachable pedals!

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