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Allen ADC 4600 Theatre

Well maintained home theatre organ with Classical Second Voicing, and the Piano/tuned percussions option.  Quad-memory moving capture action. Self-contained 4 channel, 400 watt audio with external speaker relays.  Excellent condition. $4,995 as pictured.  Several speaker options available.

Allen 301B

Late 301B (dual memory capture system), newer music stand.  Analog celeste just tuned by technician.  Has bass boost channel.  Several speaker options available which will determine final price.  $ Reasonable


Allen ADC-530A

Amazing little organ in that although the equivalent of just 18 ranks, its 200 watt ADC amplifier gives it a big sound.  Just serviced…stoptab contacts polished, new memory battery pack.  Brand new acrylic music stand.  This is the A model…very last of the ADC…very first with still current Hermetically Sealed Magnetic Key Contacts.    Includes optional Headphone jack (no speakers needed if space is an issue) and optional toe pistons for Generals and Cancel.

Available with finished or utility cabinets as needed. Final price to be determined by installation and audio requirement.