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Allen Heritage II-44Q

Our first classical Quantum organ was in a private home and has now come back for resale.  The specification is also known as the Q 275 and has 44 stops, sub/super couplers, two 32′ pedal stops, non-coupling Festival Trumpet on Swell.  Flute Celeste plays on both manuals.  This is a QUAD SUITE organ with the Heritage package. The options include Two-tone oak/walnut finish, walnut drawknob stems, walnut key and pedal sharps, tracker touch, hand-cranked adjustable bench, solid wood music rack, Ensemble MIDI Division.  The stop faces show the “Neo Baroque” stop list in CAPITAL letters for easier reading.   The Heritage package also includes the optional 7 channel audio which gives one a choice of expanded GT/PD or audio Reflections.  The 275 offers the desirable Ren-50 cage and M console (58 inches).  This is a RARE opportunity for church or home and only $34,500.




Allen ADC-4300

Compared to its predecessor the ADC-4000, this organ is a big upgrade. In addition to a bigger stop list including pedal 32′ stop, the 4300 boasts sealed reed switches just like the new ones, three channels of factory installed MIDI, ADR-4 digital reverberation and the optional Brass Choir stop.  The console has a few damaged areas on the veneer.  Could be a great upgrade for a church with limited resources.  Final price will be determined by installation requirements and final condition of console.  Local refinishing/repair services are available if desired.  Offers in $3,500 range “as is” with one set of speakers considered.

Allen ADC 4300

Allen ADC 4300


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Allen MDS Th III Plus Deluxe

Allen MDS Th3 PlusDeluxe

aka Hazleton Special

The HAZLETON SPECIAL was the largest Allen theatre model in production in the early 90s. Has 8 channels, a full cage, double stop rails, Console Controller, Arte Rhythm, Smart MIDI. We sold it new. Now its second owner has moved to smaller quarters and can no longer keep this marvelous big organ. Located in Austin, Texas.  Priced at $17,500. Contact Organ Stop for further information.