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Allen Custom Classic II

This very special custom Allen can be yours today. Two FULL cages and Fourteen audio channels create a rich ensemble that is still impressive even by today’s standards.

It’s like a Mercedes S-class of the late 1980’s. Timeless. $11,500

email: Call: 858-279-9000 ext 0

ADC 2-Cage Custom
Tracker touch, custom walnut pedal sharps
Home Organs Organs

Kawai XR-9000

We continue to support these three manual digital home organs because of their ongoing popularity among our local customers. The XR series offers Hammond-like flexibility with its flute drawbars along with full orchestra sounds and EZ-PLAY, General MIDI accompaniments. Digital Leslie effects are amazingly realistic, silent, reliable and can be connected to a large PA system via simple Line Level hookup. Call 858-279-9000, ext 1 or email us at for pricing and more information.

Snow White
Digital Pianos

Kawai CP-170

Concert Performer Series

We are offering two of these top of the line Kawai Concert Performer Digital Ensemble pianos. One is in Cherry over Walnut (pictured) and the other is in medium Oak. Contact us at for photos and pricing.

The CP-170 is designed for everyone in the family to enjoy, from beginner to professional. Special features include:

  1. AWA Wooden Action keyboard
  2. Sampled from the finest Kawai grand pianos with rich, full bass.
  3. Thousands of high quality sound, rhythm and accompaniment combinations.
  4. “Concert Magic” makes the one-finger player sound like a Pro!
  5. General MIDI with full record/playback sequencer
  6. Great onboard sound system
  7. Beautiful, solid piece of furniture. Heavy enough to feel substantial but light enough for two people to move easily on a flat dolly.