These three manual digital instruments are wonderful to play and listen to, and with a choice of snow-white or walnut polished finish, it will also be the center piece in any music or living room.

Tibia Drawbars, adjustable presets, General MIDI, disk drive, great orchestrated accompaniments, padded bench with music storage, digital Leslie speaker in a high polish white or hand rubbed walnut  -with burled music desk – cabinet. Most important: These organs are still fully supported by Organ Stop and are currently available in the two colors shown below.

Call for special pricing on XR-9000 organs. Note: We have been running the same ad for over a year because we had a bunch of these. The ad is updated as several white ones have come and gone. Best buys will be on snow-white models as they are preowned.  The walnut one may be 20 years old but is New Old Stock and priced accordingly.

Kawai-XR-9000 white





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